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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TRANSFERS ARE TODAY!! and we found out last night that SISTER MORROW AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER BUT WE'RE GETTING TRANSFERRED OUT OF THE ZONE!! we're going at 2 o'clock to our new area - we have no idea where yet! i have mixed emotions because i didn't know what to expect, so i was trying to prepare myself for everything ha. turns out that i found out what i wanted - i secretly wanted to stay in the area (things are just getting started, we made connections with so many people!), and train...PSYCH! but the Lord knows what He's doing, and i fully trust that this is His will. I know i have a lot more to learn from Sister Morrow, and we will still do great things together, wherever we go. 

last monday we didn't even plan to go to a less active family's house, but we did and FINALLY got ahold of them! we also went to see another family, they weren't there, so we decided to knock on the door right across from it, and we met and had a GREAT conversation with Anthony! that basically happens every day...but seriously! the same thing happened with mckayla and family - we had an appointment set up, they weren't home so we waited, and just as we got to their door they got home and let us in, even though mckayla was right in the middle of texting us not to come - *for some reason* HER  PHONE WOULDN'T SEND THE TEXT. coincidence? i think not! we had a fantastic lesson with them, and we set up a church tour! that did fall through for last night...but it was a step, and missionaries will keep working with them. like i've said, they're looking for truth and they're ready. we had another great lesson with raymond and sally - raymond's been investigating for a while and sally is less active. i was SO amazed when ray told us he refused free meth that day - he used to be an addict but he refused all on his own! man, i can't even imagine the willpower that would require...we talked with him about the Atonement and sang "I Stand All Amazed." we were all a little teary, and sally SANG ALONG! 

 also, july 17, we found about 8 BAGS of super expensive groceries on our doorstep, with an anonymous note from someone in the ward saying they appreciate us and that they thought we'd enjoy the "goodies" and they hoped it would save us some time. i wanted to find out who it was so badly! i still want to know, so i can thank them. it was seriously so kind - i can't even express my gratitude. it almost brought me to tears.

we also did exchanges tuesday, which means 2 companions switch places for 24 hours! sister mosbrucker, the sister training leader (the female leadership in the zone) came here and i was the senior companion for 24 hours! driving = so weird. but it was good to get to know her and see her different style of missionary work. 

random thoughts and quotes:
1 ne 7:17 - pray to have the strength to change your circumstances, not for your circumstances to change. kind of like Elder Bednar's talk, "In the Strength of the Lord." i need to pray to change ME. i need to stop blaming the ward for not doing their home/visiting teaching and instead look for ways i can help them do that. 

i'm very much learning that life is a balancing act! everything comes down to balancing between 2 extremes, and we're always striving to find that middle ground. 

"true conversion is more than a fleeting emotional response to a spiritual experience. it is a spiritual response even after experiences have passed and emotions have faded. it is not temporary, but permanent. it is not accidental, but intentional. it is not intermittent, but continuous. and continuous conversion is possible only through the continuous Atonement of Jesus Christ." - Brad Wilcox

little joys: eating wild blackberries, peas straight from a garden, and learning two phrases in Marshallese (quar mange ta rainin = what did you eat today? ech et am moure rainin = how are you today?) :) and crunching leaves, as always :) 

alma 32:34 - describes exactly how i'm feeling. my eyes are being opened, my mind expanded, my soul enlarged. from studying the gospel, the Atonement, and from talking to SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE! pat, for example. she was a single mom and has lost a son, and has depression and bipolar disorder. she opened up to us and she just amazes me - she's so resilient, so strong, so anchored in the gospel (she converted at age 50, as well). i've wasted SO MUCH TIME in my life! i want to do so much more studying and living, getting to know people and interacting with them. 

haha one lunch, while sister morrow was taking a nap, i decided to make smoothies. harmless, right? apparently i just have a problem with smoothies! i made 3 different versions and tried to freeze a glass of each for smorrow. they were off balance and they fell and oozed over everything in the freezer! i just laughed cause OF COURSE this happened to me, haha. but i scrambled to clean everything up before smorrow woke up - success :) she had no idea until i told her later that day, haha! it was quite the adventure :) 

if i could tell each of you one thing, it would be to spend more time learning about and focusing on the Atonement. it is absolutely everything.

Sister Hehl!

*note: Here are some pictures of Alyssa from the MTC:

Sister  Morrison & Sister Hehl: MTC Companions

All the Sisters in the Zone
Sis. Hehl & Sis. Wolfe: Sisters from different mothers. If they're lucky enough, maybe they can be companions in Washington together!

Sis. Liedtke with Sis. Hehl- great friends from SUU days

Sharing gifts with the district

Sis. Love & Sis. Hehl doing their best "Miranda" faces

Sister Training Leaders & Zone Leaders

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