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Monday, July 8, 2013

June 19, 2013 First day in Washington

I get to email you today because yesterday was the p-day here, but they didn't get to email because of transfers :)

I'M IN THE FIELD! And biggest news: I'LL BE IN THE FEDERAL WAY MISSION IN TWO WEEKS! I'm still in the Seattle mission right now, but I'll be part of the change effective July 1, where the federal way mission is created. So I get to say I served in two missions, ha. So exciting! My feelings about it: it's just grand! No problem at all with it, because the Lord sent me right here, right now, so I know it's His will that I'll be moved into the Federal Way mission. I'll just have to explain where it is to people for the rest of my life (instead of everyone knowing exactly where Seattle is). I won't really ever see the city of Seattle while I'm on my mission, even on p-days, because it won't be in my mission anymore. But I'm fine with that - I can see it someday no problem! So I'm in the city of Auburn, in the White River ward. I love it already! We've already met and talked with Bishop Smith, his counselors, the zone leaders, and our district leader, and they are all so great and hard-working.

We're starting fresh with everything - blank area book (where records of past/current investigators and everyone are kept), new apartment! The biggest difference that I noticed from the MTC from yesterday: it was weird to be in an apartment, just me and sister morrow, accountable basically to our district leader (through the phone), each other, and the Lord. It felt like college compared to living at home! But it's great - I'M IN THE FIELD! If you can't already tell, I'm used to it already ;)

My new companion is from Farmington (Utah, yes by Lagoon haha) and she's only been out one transfer (6 weeks). The training program lasts 12 weeks, but she's training after she's only done half the training. So we're learning together! Oh I love her already - we get along marvelously :) and we have a similar work ethic! We'll see how we work and teach together later today, when we go visit recent converts and try to find new investigators. I'm just so excited that these are REAL PEOPLE I'm working with now!! Real lives, real problems, real miracles. I love this work with all my heart.

with all my love,
Sister A. Hehl

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