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Monday, July 8, 2013

June 17, 2013 News from the MTC

Well HELLO!!

BIGGEST THING: I LEAVE TOMORROW FOR SEATTLE!!! Oh man, I REALLY can't believe it! Haha just when I was getting used to MTC...time to leave! Just when it starts to feel like my safe little home - NOPE, thrown back into uncertainty! Luckily, somehow, I'm not really nervous though! At least the excitement overrides the's just more of the unknown, a new adventure! Scary but exciting. It's INSANE to think I'LL BE IN SEATTLE (or on my way) THIS TIME TOMORROW!

Like pretty much my whole mission experience so far, it feels unreal. But I feel okay and excited about it because I feel that I really have learned so so much from being here, even in 12 days! Once again, the biggest things I've learned: the investigator is the focus. This is about THEM changing THEIR life, not me. Me being changed will just come as a bi-product, and it won't come at all if that's what I'm working towards. One thing that was driven home to me this week: focus outward. That is what Jesus Christ did, every second of His life! Even when He had just fasted for 40 days - He sent angels to minister to John. When He had just experienced Gethsemane, He healed the guard's ear. So I want to work on that and think of my investigator(s) CONSTANTLY. The Spirit is the real teacher, so my job is just to create an environment He can be in, help others feel His influence, and help them recognize it. On my own, I can't really do anything! Lessons won't be what that person needs, we won't be able to find people...I HAVE to rely on Him.

I absolutely LOVE how often I pray now. I pray when I wake up, before every meal, before every lesson, before every meeting/devotional, before every study session...SO GREAT. Challenge for everyone: pray in the middle of your day, for no particular occasion, every day this week. See what changes. 

BLESSING: I've transitioned (not cold turkey, but it's progress) from movie quotes and songs to having scripture one-liners and hymns stuck in my head! Such a blessing! I'm on the main campus, by the way. It's crazy at combined devotionals etc that the people there are only half the missionaries right now! It's already so crowded! 

Sister Hehl

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