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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 1, 2013 In a new mission - Federal Way!

HEEEEEYYYYYYY from Auburn, Washington!~ 

First things first: I'm in a COMPLETELY new mission! The Federal Way mission! It came into existence Saturday (6/29), when our new president, President Eaton, arrived! We haven't seen changes yet, but just knowing that we're in a new mission feels a little different.

So uh, Washington = rain, right? NOPE! It's been crazy hot and humid here with a freak heatwave! All I have to say: bless our little car's air conditioning :) Our new best friend? Yup. 
Auburn has basically all walks of life, and I've definitely burst the "Utah bubble" - I think I burst it on the first day tracting. But there are SO many wonderful people here (and everywhere, no doubt)! I'm just blown away by how nice people innately are - so many people invite us to sit in their chairs, offer us food and water. Of course, tons don't want to even talk to us...but usually they say no very politely! Definitely a plus. I just feel so incredibly blessed to have this gift of a mission - to be able to come out and spend 18 months completely focused on others, able to meet them, talk to them, connect with them, and become even a small part of their lives. Some people have gone through SO MUCH, and I just hope to make their lives at least a little better.

It still blows my mind how much can happen in a week - how many people we meet and talk to, how close Sister Morrow and I already are (we're already close enough to do big deal :)), how many miles we've driven on our car, how many doors we've knocked on, how much I've changed. Each day is a rollercoaster - lowlights and highlights. But really, just like missionaries always say - the highlights make it worth it. I'm coming to find out that all the missionary cliches and the things you always hear are TRUE! Who would've known?

One HUGE highlight: Makayla! She's been taught a little before, but it's been really hard for the missionaries to keep in contact with her because he mom won't give out her we can only really teach her at her friend Emelia’s house (a family in our ward). We thought Makayla wasn't interested anymore, but we were going to visit the family anyway on Friday night. When we got there, we realized we didn't actually have a reason for going there! We almost didn't go to their door...but we did, and guess who pulled up RIGHT as we got there? EMELIA AND MAKAYLA!!! OH what a miracle! Coincidence? I think NOT! So we taught her a lesson right then and there and got her back on date to be baptized 7-27! Then we came back the next morning (she slept over at her friend’s) and taught her the restoration. When we told her about the Holy Ghost, her eyes went wide in amazement. She was feeling the Spirit SO strongly! Probably the most visible influence of the Spirit I've seen. She kept getting the chills and she couldn't stop smiling! AH it made me SO happy! So we're just trying to keep teaching her as often as possible - she's the closest to being baptized.

I'm sorry if hearing about other people isn't as interesting to you as it is to me...It's funny - all you (maybe) want to hear about is my experience, but all i want to talk about is other people! ...welcome to missionary work! :)

Anyways, next we have Stephanie. She's very talkative, and probably the most driven person I know (even though we've only seen her once so far). She's DETERMINED to finish her Bachelor's degree and she's already turned her life around- it's amazing! But she's golden basically! We have her on date for September 21!

Ah I'm out of time...but I'll tell you about Frank next time! He's so great. EVERYONE IS SO GREAT! Also, some cliffhangers to look forward to ;) :
-I got hit with a car!
-Our washing machine flooded (actually, it's still flooded as I'm typing...)
-We thought we were being followed by a surburban (don't worry, we weren't)...
  to be continued!

~Sister Hehl

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