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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 41

Deeeeear everyone :)

9 months WHAT?! Has not even come CLOSE to sinking in! To celebrate, Sis. Judd and I went to a Pho restaurant (Vietnamese noodle soup - these restaurants are everywhere here!) and then DQ, haha. It was a fun adventure! She's just the best. I know I've said this before, but I just can't get over how well we work together and how we build off of each other. It's FANTASTIC! 

It was really good that we had each other yesterday as well, because not one investigator came to church or is progressing, and that was a blow. However, we both know that we did EVERY SINGLE THING IN OUR POWER to help them come to church, and they chose to let other things keep them from coming. I would say the hardest part of my mission (and a mission in general) is seeing others reject the truth. I don't care if they reject me, but I care if they reject happiness. It kills me! Seeing them so close, knowing what will help them - then seeing them not take that step, not do what I KNOW is best for them. I imagine Heavenly Father constantly feels like this. I'm so grateful He never gives up on us. Ever. So I won't give up on these people. Even if they keep rejecting, I will keep trying! They're worth it.  

TANYA IS A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS!!! THAT was the best part of yesterday and of the weekend, by far!! Oh my goodness, her baptism was so wonderful. Sis. Judd and I had the opportunity to share the message of the Restoration for about 5 minutes while Tanya got ready, and the Spirit definitely led us! We hadn't gotten to practice it all the way through beforehand, but it made sense, thanks to the Spirit.  Wow. I am SO HAPPY she decided to act on her faith and testimony, and I know she'll be great (even though she's moving out of the ward this week, to the neighboring ward). 

I love my Savior and His gospel!
 Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Hehl

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