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Sunday, September 15, 2013

August 12, 2013

Man, a mission is just one giant ADVENTURE! I got my first stitches this past Saturday, and it wasn't too bad, actually. Things were getting tense in a lesson with Jo, Kat, and their brother Akim, so we went outside in the woods in their backyard to get some fresh air. Walking up the hill to their house at the end, I felt a little burning on my right foot. I looked down, saw a pretty sizeable chunk of a glass bottle there and a cut on my ankle, but i thought it was no big deal, so i just kept walking. then it started to bleed more and everyone started fawning over me (which i dislike greatly! but i put up with it, haha) and we went to the urgent care. they stitched it up right there, and i'm getting a checkup today and the stitches out next tuesday. adventure! such a blessing i can still walk and do everything fine - it was close to my tendon, but didn't touch it! I'm in good hands :)

Jo and Kat aren't progressing as quickly as we thought they would, but we are so close to them! We actually went back after I got stitches cause they were going through a really rough time - the landlord threw Jo's brother out. And to add to it all, she's now throwing Jo and Kat out! I can't believe how obviously and how HARD Satan is pushing on them. He is real and he is trying his hardest to get them away from baptism! But the Lord is stronger, and He will help them through. I knew I would be invested in these people, but I didn't know what it's really like. I love them SO MUCH. I'm willing to do ANYTHING for them!! I never knew I would be this invested, and I love it. I love them!

We finally taught Shannon a lesson this week! We can't see her very often at all, but she's reading the Book of Mormon and she's starting to understand it and apply it to her. That's the answer right there! We also got a new investigator yesterday at church! A member, Bryan, brought his roommate Pedro, and we set up a meeting Wednesday. Ha I wish it were always that easy! But I'm excited for this week. It should be interesting cause we can't go running and we're being fed by members every night! I'm gonna get fat! 
Tuesday we also had an AMAZING lesson with a less-active, Orrin. We really listened to what he was saying and where he was coming from, and Sister Morrow and I were both inspired to share 2 Ne. 2:17 with him. We did, and the Spirit touched him so strongly that this rock of a man cried a little! He realized he's been serving God and Jesus Christ every time he's helped someone, and he realized They have been helping him all this time. He was impacted, and his life changed. And I got to witness it. I will go through hell every day for these experiences, because they are worth it. The experiences are worth it, the people are worth it, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are worth it. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Hehl

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